FLUID INGENUITY provides the fractional services and talent who understand your business. Our strategic thinkers immediately align with your passions to become indispensable members of your team. We offer the marketing expertise that's difficult to find or bring in-house.

"When it becomes cheaper to search, evaluate, contract and enforce costs associated with doing business, new companies will form.”
— Ronald Coase, Nobel Prize-winning Economist


Outstanding performance is in our DNA.

Our always-on, connected world enables FLUID INGENUITY to assemble amazing teams of talent to solve challenging business concerns. Clients might engage us to help with their perceptive thinking, extend their creative capabilities and staff, provide divergent thinking to help with innovation, or act as a producer for their corporate projects. FLUID INGENUITY delivers a higher quality of strategic thinking through working with fewer, extremely talented people.

Read the thoughts of a leading expert on teams from Harvard University.
“Big teams usually wind up just wasting everybody’s time.” — J. Richard Hackman

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing?

FLUID INGENUITY strategically combines creative thought with client wisdom to accelerate the achievements of your brand's business goals.